Rating: 6/10

Director: Devashish Makhija

cast: Nimrat Kaur, Divyend Sharma

Every wife loves their husband’s attention. What if a wife’s husband comes back from the dead would she still enjoy the attention?

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The Lady And The Reaper- an Oscar nominee


Rating: 9/10

Director: Javier Recio García

Writer: Javier Recio García

Cast: Minguel Angel Perez and Eva Molina


The Lady and the Reaper is a Spanish animated film by Javier Recio García. And it was one of the 5 nominees for Best Animated Short. The film presents an unusual conflict the Reaper and the doctor for the lady’s life.  The power struggle propels a serious drama of death and afterlife into a action comedy with chase and collisions. Continue reading “The Lady And The Reaper- an Oscar nominee”

Hello Again- A Britsh Short film

Rating: 6.5/10

Director: Tom Ruddock

Cast: Jack Anderson and  Naomi Scott


Hello Again is a lovely short film centered around a boy named Owen. The film is about the loss of loved ones and mainly depicts that life does not end in such scenarios

The film starts with Owen waking up to a  blue morning, the day after his mom’s funeral. Everything around him, such as the sympathy card, flowers, pictures, etc. don’t let him forget of his mothers death even when his trying  to. In an attempt to avoid any confrontation with his father, he decides to go visit his mother’s grave hoping it will give him some kind of relief. There at the graveyard he meets Maura, a young chirpy girl, around his age who has also recently lost her father. Through a series of funny & awkward moments, they get to talking, despite their major differences he connects with Maura through their similarity of losing a dear one.

The thing that I loved most about this film, is how different people anywhere and anytime can connect in a way nobody may ever think of. While the film portrays Maura as a lovely, cutely weird young woman who seems to be dealing quite uniquely with the loss of her father; it also depicts Owen as a sad, fragile young man, who is taking the loss quite harshly on himself.  Despite their differences, they bond  fast, which makes Owen gain the much peace he had come seeking for.  Another striking feature about the film is how it’s shot in just 2 locations, and yet has the ability to touch the viewers emotions.

The director as well as both the actors did a tremendous job by making the audience relate to both the characters. While Owen make you empathize for losing someone dear; Maura makes you believe that humanity exists and there are a lot of good people out there, who through their smallest deeds make us smile.

This film has really inspired me to try help another person, who may be in a similar situation as me, Smile. As we may never know what those brief moments, out of our entire day, may brighten another person’s life. watch the film below and let me know what you think.


Must watch Top 5 Hindi Short Films

A lot of hindi short films tell compelling stories that keep you engaged. I wish all Bollywood directors made films that have little to do with masala;  more to to with good forms of storytelling, that keep the audiences engrossed like these short films below.

(Image source: Bollyrama.com)


Teaspoon is a short thriller film about a frustrated homemaker who looks after her paralyzed father in law. The only way the father in law can get her attention is through banging a teaspoon on the table. Teaspoon makes a good watch particularly because of the meticulous acting by sree swara.

(image source: Chitramala.in)

2. kriti

This psychological thriller is sure to leave you gobsmacked. Shirish kundar’s film staring Manoj Bajpayee and Radikha Apte is about mentally ill person who opens up about his relationship with a psychiatrist. The film is filled with suspense and twist right to the end which makes it worth the watch.

3. Tublight ka Chand:

(Image source Pintrest)

This short film tells a story of a seven year old boy named tublight, who madly falls in love with the moon and tries to catch it. After his intial failed attempts he decides to make his own moon. The film makes you reminiscent fondly about your own childhood before you realized that dreams can have limitations.

(Image source :Livemint.com)


The film speaks about love, fidelity and revenge. The short film revolves around Anita, a timid housewife who has a Knack for storytelling. when she catches her husband flirting with a young women. She is unfazed by it  Over some tea and chat she slowly rattels the mistress by telling her a shocking tale of her husbands family.

5.The Day After Every Day:

 This short film focuses on the aspect of eve teasing and the attitude of the Indian society towards it.The film stars three different female co-workers on their daily route to work and the harassment that they face every day.

(Image source: doovi.com)


Must Watch Animated Short Films

Hello readers,

I had been requested to post my all time top 5 short films from different genres. So here are some of my personal favorite animated short films.

  1. In a heartbeat’ is a story about a closeted young boy Sherwin, whose heart desires to be with the boy he secretly admires.The film shows how it is for homosexual young boy to have an innocent crush, and be judged for it for being gay. This emotional film won’t fail to melt your heart away. click on link to watch the film https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2REkk9SCRn0
  2.  ‘Brain Divided,’ is about a guy on a first date with, an extremely beautiful women; he’s mind seems to struggle between being suave and his usual nerdy self. The poor guys brain seems to be two be controlled by two alien like creatures, who fight to control his behavior. This film will sure make you laugh . click on link to watch the film https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JuyB7NO0EYY
  3.  Black Holes: This is a satirical short film about an astronaut preparing to lunch on the first ever mars expedition along with a genetically engineered melon. This strange film will keeps you engaged. Even with it’s bizarre twist i loved the narration this Short flick. Warning: this short film is rated mature(image source: Pintrest) click on link to watch the film https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TeQi4zbT8fA

4.This way up: Is a dark comedy about a father and son duo who are on their way to deliver the Mother . On                  their way to deliver the casket they one across several obstacles which only brings them closer together. The                   theme might be grim, but this short will make you laugh guarenteed.   

(image source: Pintrest) click on link to watch the film https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OH_BuJ3rU8

5. Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty: This short film is about a grandchild who is petrified of her                             grandmothers totally insane form of retelling the story of Sleeping Beauty. The animation is unique cause of the of the narration within a narration.









( image source: IMDb)

click on link to watch the film https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIDv1jJhoxY

So, these were my favorite animated short films. Comment below and let me know your all time favorites. Untill then see ya!!

Oscar winner ‘Paperman’ – One of Pixar’s Best

Film Rating: 9/10

Director: John Kahrs

Writer: Clio Chiang, Kendelle Hoyer

Stars: John Kahrs, kari Wahlgren, Jack Goldenberg

Start: Ever met a stranger on a train or a coffee shop.? some one that you where so sure is your soulmate, only you never got a chance or courage to speak to the person. Relive that experience with this short Paperman.

‘Paperman’ is about an office boy who meets the girl of his dreams and uses paperplanes to catch her attention.

Pixar’s Paperman won the Oscar for the best Animated shot film. It also won Academy award for the best animated film after 40 years. This film, is till date considered one of Pixar’s best works in terms of story telling and animation. Paperman made its debut in theaters with Wreck It Ralph. This charming short film revolves around a man stuck in an mundane work; who happens to meet the girl of his dream while on his usual route to work. The young man misses the opportunity at the first instance, but when he sees her in the building next door he tries to get her attention by trowing paper planes towards her. The paper planes in this film have a mind of its own and try their level best to get both the characters together. The film reminds  you of an 70’s romantic flick. The animation is in black and white theme with no dialogue. The only colour used in the whole film is the red lipstick, which kind of like the film ‘The Red Balloon’. The makers of the film make the characters appear hand drawn and authentic. Here the computer animators have hand drawn the lines and small details onto the characters, needles to say process seems quite exhausting.

I love old black and white romantic films, but when it comes to animation i like colours. I did not enjoy the film maybe cause i’m used watching animation in colour and it just felt odd to me. Watch the film below and let me know if you liked the film or if you din’t like it and why?.




Short films that have launched the Directors of today


1. Steven Spielberg – ‘Amblin’ (1968)

Steven Spielsberg Best known for his movies like laws, Jurrasic park(1993), schindler’s list and Indiana Jones. However it was the Short film ‘Amblin’ set him on the road to success. While Spielberg was a student at California State University he was offered a job at as an intern at universal studios, where he was given an opportunity to make a short film. And that’s how Spielsberg came to create Amblin, the studios vice president was so impressed by his film that he offered him a 7 year directing contract. The contract made him the youngest director to sign a long term Hollywood contract. He even named his film and television production company Amblin after his short film.

2. Christopher Nolan – Doodlebug (1997). 

Christopher Nolan one of Hollywood top 10 directors best known for his work like ‘ Bat man series’, ‘Dunkirk’, and Interstellar.  Nolan made his debut as a filmmaker in 1997 with his short film Doodlebug a 3 minute short film. Doodlebug is narrative about a paranoid  man trying to squash a bug in his apartment.

3.  Tim Burton- Vincent (1982)

While working as a conceptual artist at Walt Disney Tim Burton was given a chance to direct ‘Vincent.’ The short film is based on a poetry story of a seven year old boy who pretends to be like the actor Vincent price. The film was narrated by Vincent Price himself.  Though the film received a lot of criticism it did not stop the director in making films that consisted dark gothic themes of deaths, freaks, villains and love. ‘Burton’ is later seen using a similar themes in his film frankenweenie, Corpse Bride, Dark Shadows and others.

4. Jared Hess, ‘Peluca’ (2003)

 (Image source: http://www.animationmagazine.net)

During his stay at the Bringham Young University Jared Hess directed and wrote ‘Peluca.’ The movie was about a farm boy who escapes from boredom by wearing a cardboard box over his head. After having the short film featured at the slamdance Film festival (2003) he was encouraged to adopt the short film into a feature and the following year he made the Indie hit Napoleon Dynamite.

5. Seith Mann- Five deep Breaths 

Seith Mann made his short film ‘Five deep Breaths’ as his thesis at New York University and was premier at sundance film festival.  Five Deep Breaths is about two friends at crossroads between loyality and morality and have to decide on the path that they should take. The short launched Seith Mann’s career because after this short Television Producer Robert F Colesberry saw his film he was introduced to the producers of the HBO drama ‘The Wire’. He was later approached and asked to shadow their directors during their production. Since then he has directed many television series like the walking dead, Dextar and many others.